Construction of Home and Middle-Class Identity in Post-Socialist Context

Tomáš Samec


Constructing the personal and social identity in the current complex era might be seen as non-trivial achievement. In the context of post-socialist housing market and in the practice of creating the home I present the fi ndings of my fi eld research based on several interviews with “middle-class“ people from Czech Republic acquiring their home during recent years. Combing the narrative and content analysis the article presents broad and deep insight into the people᾽s understanding of space, places and morality. The conclusion is that the realm of housing is more important, than might have been regarded in the connection of performance of certain roles – good parent, capable husband or wife and successful person in general. Thus it reveals the values and ethos, which are regarded as principal by the middle-class people. Moreover the issue of emotions is tackled and proved to be crucial in the people decision making and moral evaluation. The article thus provides the presentation of original method ofanalysis and persuasive presentation of ordinary people everyday life with regard to their valued ethos, objects and beliefs.

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