Prostor a obzor: Seveřan v Petrohradě a jeho zkušenost přemístění v epoše vizuálního zvratu

Jaroslava Bagdasarova


Thee study deals with the experience of displacement. It treats the subject through the photographic codes of urban migrants and tourists who have one way or another transcended rather notional boundaries of cultural configurations. Methodologically, the study combines visual anthropology and phenomenology of body and space. Visuality is not seen as a mere tool of anthropological
knowledge but a disposition for new epistemology. Thee study reveals the interrelation between the transformation of Chukchi from tourists to migrants while gradually intergrating themselves in a culturally new mileau of Saint Petersburg, and their way of seeing. It is then also the character  of their snapshots which changes: photography of remarkable is replaced by the photography of observed and, eventually, – by the photography of an observer.

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