A Bundle of Disparate Interests: Research Fields and Sub-Disciplines in the Present-Day Russian Anthropology


  • Sergei Sokolovskiy Russian Academy of Science Autor


Russian anthropology, anthropological research domains, history of anthropology, regional studies, research traditions


The article presents an overview of the current state of various anthropological sub-disciplines and specializations within Russian anthropology. The co-citation analysis documents the existence of three largest categories of researchers that constitute the core of this national tradition of anthropological research: political anthropologists, ethno-folklorists, and regionalists, with further fragmentation into special interest schools teams and research domains, including such specializations as urban, linguistic, legal, medical, economic, and visual anthropologies, anthropology of religion, sport, technology, professions, etc. Each of these domains is briefly characterized in terms of their chronology, existing centres and journals, other publication activities, and leading authors.


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