Parkour: Prostor, resistence a identita

Ondřej Raffel


This article deals with the Parkour subculture in relation to space. It focuses on the way traceurs (people who devote themselves to Parkour) resist the dominant order and hold identity of the traceurs is formed. Thee research is based on the participation of the observation by smaller groups of traceurs in a local context – in the town of Písek (Czech Republic). It alsincludes observation within the internet (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.) where there areinteractions with traceurs from the whole world. The article shows how traceurs resist dominantculture through specific perception and use of space and the transgressions of dangerous activities. They put a new meaning in the space where some meaning already is and conductmovements that are considered dangerous by the dominant society, but this resistance is notactive, traceurs do not resist the dominant order intentionally; they try for only a certain coexistencewith the dominant order. I have shown that entering a subculture is open to anyone. The identity itself is relatively free and is created by a specific perception of the space and through
the places, which the traceurs transform.

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