Za oponou autenticity minulosti: Vytváranie dobových historických ukážok druhej svetovej vojny

Lenka Hadarová


The article represents a contribution to the debate about authenticity and reenactments (historical enactments). On the example of the reenactment of the World War II battles it shows that the concept of authenticity is fluid and variable. Authenticity is a continuous process of negotiation between materiality and conduct. Therefore, the article aims to monitor the
role of objects that are used in re-enactments and act as carriers of knowledge in the creationand mediation of authenticity. The analysis selects the equipment and uniform as the objects
that the biography tracks in each phase of their lives. It also follows how the reenactors acquireperiod conduct between themselves that helps them achieve an authentic experience. The articleis the result of ethnographic research among the clubs of military history in 2013–2017.It consisted of observation and attendance of demonstrations, preparatory meetings and club
meetings, and eleven in-depth interviews with reenactors.

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