Po stopách hipsterů: Současní dvacátníci a příběhy jejich stylu

Tereza Pospíšilová, Vít Horák


The text seeks to explore the hipster phenomenon through a probe of the fashionable life of Prague twenty-somethings. It discusses the historical context of the emergence of the hipster and shows that it is not simple to define it as a subculture, as which it is often considered.
With support in the work by Dick Hebdige, the text turns to the style and sensitive use of thecombination of fashion elements, which the authors, however, understand rather as a way to thecreation of distinct identities rather than a revolt against dominant culture. An analysis of theinterviews shows that their participants, who were selected on the basis of a cloth bag, typicallyassociated with hipsters, form their style in a similar way. They are looking for something typical for them and original among the fashion attributes; they are aware of their individual style and know their story well. The wearers of the canvas bags deal with the term hipster as such in a variety of ways, but they all take a clear view and have an idea of the label they are confronted with.

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