Dobývání kriminality: Reflexe viktimizačního šetření v českých sociálně vyloučených lokalitách

Václav Walach, Petr Kupka, Ľubomír Lupták, Kateřina Tvrdá, Laco Toušek, Alica Brendzová, Ondřej Plachý, Klára Vaňková


In this article, we reflect on the victimization survey conducted as part of the researchproject BRIZOLIT (Security Risks in Socially Excluded Localities). Our focus is on the methodological, epistemological and ethical problems which appeared during the survey among inhabitants of the so-called “socially excluded localities” between April – August 2016. Moreprecisely, we undertake issues related to the construction of our research object, interviewing strategies, as well as problems of validity of survey data in relation to the complex processes of victimization in socially excluded localities. In other words, we will try to answer three ratherbasic questions: (1) Who were the research subjects? (2) How was the research performed? (3)How were the findings recorded? is was done in hope of providing evidence for future researchers facing similar problem

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