Aplikovaný sociálně-vědní výzkum jako spolu-vyprávění

Kateřina Sidiropolu Janků


This paper presents the phenomenon of applied social-scientific research in the contextof the structural development of scientific production and the system of scientific resultsevaluation. In addition to the introduction of basic concepts (applied research, engaged research, participative/action/activist research, interdisciplinary research), it gives a summary of trends in socio-scientific Czechia research over the last decade. On the theoretical level, the paper discusses the nature of applied knowledge and its placement in the context of the social sciences status and the relationship between natural and social sciences. Also, it advocates T. H. Eriksen’s altercentric writing method as a key to applied socio-scientific research. Thechosen perspective is presented as a solid example of micro-analysis of the genealogy of interpersonal
relationship within the applied social-scientific research. e multi-genre production background, the criteria of successful implementation of applied goals throughout the research process, as well as an ongoing reflexive discussion on the nature of socio-scientific research are shown to be essential to the successful development of applied social-scientific research. Three forms of relationship between the social sciences and the non-scientific society are proposed;
they are advising, un-learning, and co-learning.

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